Wii U


A State-of-the-Art Crime Fighting Tool

In the LEGO® City Undercover game, the
Wii U GamePad controller acts as a powerful investigative tool—a veritable kitchen sink of crime fighting. In the hands of a pro like Chase McCain,
no crime will go unsolved.

  • Communicator

    Ellie Phillips, your friendly neighborhood police dispatcher, will contact you frequently with info and mission assignments. She'll speak to you directly via video from the speakers on the Wii U GamePad.

  • GPS Device

    Keep track of your next mission location, and place your own waypoints using the touchscreen to keep track of important places, all with this powerful navigation system.

  • Crime Scanner

    This scanner can see through objects and walls to find things hiding behind them. The motion sensing feature of the GamePad allows it to act as a viewfinder.

  • Camera

    See something that will make a great piece of evidence for your case? Snap an in-game photo of it with the camera and save it for later—or share with friends via Miiverse™.