The Chase
Is On... Again

Chase McCain returns to LEGO® City after
years of being away. The city that once
embraced him is now in the throes of a
massive crime wave the likes of which it has
seen only once before.

Rex Fury has mysteriously escaped

from his incarceration in Albatross Island Prison and it appears he is behind the crime spree. Unbeknownst to the Chief of Police, the Mayor has called upon Chase to put a stop to Rex and his crew. Chase must go undercover to infiltrate the gang and learn what Rex is really up to.


Chase McCain

The hero police officer who once took down Rex Fury
tackles criminals with ease via hand-to-hand
combat, free running, and superior driving. He is also
a master of disguise.


Frank Honey

Frank is as green as they get on the police force. He's been given the chance to show his idol Chase around the precinct on his
first day, and couldn't be more excited
about it.

Chief Dunby

The Chief of Police loves to take credit
for the hard work done by his officers.
He's none too happy about having
someone like Chase back in the
action, hogging the spotlight.

Natalia Kowalski

Natalia drives an ambulance. Currently in the witness protection program, she keeps a low profile to hide from the man she helped put behind bars—Rex Fury.

Rex Fury

LEGO City's most ruthless criminal has
escaped from prison and is thought to
be the mastermind behind the current
crime spree.

His whereabouts are unknown.

And many more...