A Metropolis
to Explore

The world of LEGO® City playsets comes to life like never before in LEGO® City Undercover—filled to the brim with people on the streets and vehicles on every road. Make your way through busy downtown, head out to the beach, or to the airport—it's a truly massive place, filled with over a dozen distinct areas.

Over 100 Vehicles to Commandeer

Every vehicle you see on the street can be commandeered, and used to chase down
criminals, or even go through a leisurely
romp through the city. Get behind the
wheel of sports cars, motorcycles, helicopters,
and many, many more.

The Bricks of
LEGO® City

The special LEGO® bricks hiding around the city will help you complete Super Builds, which let you do something special within levels. Studs allow Chase to purchase customizable outfits. After Chase finds a "Character" token in the world, (there's a lot of them hidden around), he can go back to the Police Station, go into the basement and purchase the outfits. Then, you can mix and match his outfits to create unique looks!"